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You know those ultra-modern and sleek websites you see for small to large businesses nowadays? The ones that really blow you away, well chances are they are a WordPress website. At Thrive we are WordPress Website SEO experts and WordPress is a company that offers web hosting and design solutions at affordable prices and stunning design templates that can be moulded into the look you desire to sell your product or service.

We have been using WordPress for years and we can utilise this platform to create the website you dreamed of whilst providing you with additional services such as logo design and complete style overhauls. We can have a complete website made for you in a matter of days that is unique to your brand yet meets all the current trends your clients will expect.

Now what is SEO we hear you asking?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation are basically clever tricks picked up by digital media agencies to drive traffic to your website using the power of words. We use only the best qualified SEO writers to provide your website with powerful sales copy. These words not only peak the reader’s interest but are also full of certain words and phrases that we know will put your website towards the top of a Google search!

We use the rankmath plugin which is the best on the market and is ideal for optimising the website SEO for your website products, pages and services.

And aside from organic growth strategies there are also a number of easy ways in which you can get your business, products and services to the top of Google via paid google advertising strategies, something that Thrive can also help your business with.

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