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At Thrive media we now have a VPS | Virtual Private Server for website hosting! Following a host of new amazing clients signing up to our website design services we decided to upgrade our hosting packages.

This means that we have Significantly improved our hosting moving from our previous shared cPanel hosting to now having our own virtual private server (VPS) based in the UK.

This means that all websites designed by Thrive and or hosted on Thrive Media is hosting platform services will all benefit from a significantly faster performance from their website hosting.

We are currently including all our current website design offers to include this VPS at no additional cost. The improvement to the services also comes with the additional benefit that all of our websites will all come as standard now with SSL, that means that all of our websites will give your customers the improved experience and safe browsing with the padlock included in your website browser tab. This will be included for all Thrive Media websites.

Due to the high demand of Thrive media web design and web hosting we will keep these offers in place for the time being. So don’t miss out on improving your businesses online visibility with a beautiful fast optimised website designed and hosted by Thrive media with hugely affordable website solutions.

Make sure that with your website you Thrive…


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