Thrive Media Digital Agency.

Thrive Media Terms and Conditions

By committing to Thrive by paying an invoice you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions set out on this page.

Social Media

  • By agreeing to work with Thrive Media you allow Thrive to have access operate, post and generally on all the social media platforms provided or agreed for creation.
  • Any content / output posted is all ultimately the responsibility of the owner (client). This includes text and any images both those provided and any additional images produced.
  • Any message replies will be done at the discretion of Thrive Media and all replies will ultimately be the responsibility of the owner. (client)
  • The monthly cycle will begin on the first day of work which will be confirmed in email to the client.
  • All accounts and Intellectual Property are fully owned by the client. 
  • All Payments must be made in advance of any work.
  • Cancellation can be made anytime but must be in writing before the start of a subsequent billing period.
  • All billing periods and invoices will be a minimum of one calendar month.
  • The Thrive social media schedules, proposed quoted guidelines for work and proposed media production is a guideline to the work carried out by Thrive Media. Although this will often be followed closely, it is in no way accountable for the actual detail of the work Thrive Media provide. This includes number of social media posts quoted, to actual output. All work undertaken is at the discretion of Thrive Media, and Thrive Media will not be liable in any case, or refunds made to clients.
  • There will never be refunds for any work that has already been produced, or for monthly periods once they have been paid.
  • All website production will be produced in accordance with the client’s requirements. The final design and functionality are the decision of Thrive Media.
  • Any website editing post initial completion may be charged to the client.

Thrive Media Digital Agency.

By signing up to Thrive Media as a client, you’re agreeing to our terms and conditions, which are designed to protect both you and us. These terms can change with or without your notice, so we recommend checking back regularly for the latest updates.

Payments and Refunds

Payments for Websites will be made in advance with 50% non refundable deposit to commission and 50% on completion before hand over to the client. Once the site is commissioned the client is agreeing that the site will be built as agreed to the details on email. Once complete the customer will be allowed 2 hours of edits included. The customer will also be fully liable for the final payment if site is completed. The ‘completion’ of the site will be the decision of Thrive Media. Payment must be made in full within 14 days of the site being completed. Any invoices not paid within the required timeframe may be subject to a 20% increase at the discretion of Thrive Media

All website edits following our first draft to clients must be sent on one email.

Payments for all other digital marketing must be made in full before any work is undertaken.

Unless alternative agreements are agreed, all payments are taken in advance for the upcoming month via Direct Debit, Bank Transfer or Phone Card Payment to head office. Upon sign-up, clients enter into a monthly rolling agreement and payments will be taken on the same day every month until the client cancels the agreement in writing.

The first payment will be taken within 5 working days of sign-up, and on the same day (or around this date) every month thereafter. Clients must write to Thrive at least five working days before their next payment is due if they’d like to cancel, or will be liable to pay the next month’s payment before their service terminates. If payment is not received for the upcoming month for whatever reason, content is immediately suspended until the payment is received.

Note that the payment date and content start date may differ – we might start posting content on January 1 but not receive payment until January 6 or vice versa depending on your responsiveness to our initial content draft. Thrive Media must receive a written request to cancel on whichever date is first (payment due or the start of your next content cycle) or you will be liable to pay for the following month once we begin producing content.

Thrive does not offer refunds – once the payment has been taken for any of our digital marketing services as we will have initialed the preparation of the forthcoming content.


Thrive media will undertake all adverts in accordance with the details agreed prior to initialising any online marketing. The use of images and texts in adverts will be chosen carefully but will always remain the responsibility of the client. All adverts can be seen using the facebook management tool and any issues must be raised to Thrive if the client is not happy with an advert. We recommend regularly checking the content going our representing your business.

Thrive will ensure as well as possible that the adverts are effective and generate the required results, however no guarantees of results can be given. No refunds are available under any circumstances for ad set up costs or percentage of ad spend budgets. If a client cancels the adverts during the monthly period no refunds will be part due on any setup or service costs.

Whilst Thrive Media has access to any social media platform and it is suspended by the owning platform, Thrive Media will have no liability or responsibility for its suspension or demise in any case.

Social media billing accounts are completely the responsibility of the client. Including but not limited to any delay to adverts due to issues with billing with the social media provider.

Thrive Media will never pay for any advertising on clients behalf. Payments will always come directly through the clients payments methods set up such as businesses manager platforms.

Any additional changes to adverts once set may be charged.

Website Design / Management / Hosting

All websites will be built to the client’s specifications as close as possible. Edits which Thrive Media consider reasonable can be made to the original design. Once the site is handed over any changes will be chargeable and will be quoted on an individual basis.

Once websites are complete, Thrive allows two hours of time for any edits to the site. All edits must be sent one one single comprehensive email and all edits included in that individual email with clear instructions. Any additional changes may be charge at the discretion of Thrive.

Sites that include multiple pages will be built with pages that contain reasonable content. Each page is designed to offer several images and text. For more complicated page content please advise more detail before you commission a site and pay a deposit.

Payment for all sites will be made in full or in two parts, 50% on commission and 50% before the website is handed over to the client. The deposit is non refundable and once the work is complete the balance is due in its entirety within 14 days of completion. Three hours of amends will be provided with every site with additional hours charged at £40 per hour for completion.

If a client does not respond to the first draft within 10 working days then the website is considered complete with no amends and full balance is then due within 14 working days. Any delay to this subsequent payment may result in an additional 20% being added. 

If Thrive Media are responsible for hosting your site this will be done so via our third party hosts. If there is an issue with the website at any stage through issues through this third party, the client agrees to remove all indemnity to Thrive Media for any and all issues.

Hosting will be paid in advance for the year and there will be no refunds or part refunds for Hosting for any websites cancelled or no longer needed by the client through the annual period.

SEO: We will optimise the landing page of the website to approx. 80 – 100 using rank math using a keyword.

Any issues with the Site itself, due to a variety of reasons may be fixed on request and the charge for this will be made (of any) on an individual basis.

For all websites that are hosted through Thrive (which is provided though a third party) there may be issues on rare occasion from the hosts which may cause an outage or issue with system performance. In this case Thrive is not liable or responsible in any way.

For websites which are fully managed by Thrive, all changes are always allowed within the parameters which Thrive Media think are reasonable. There is also only a maximum of one ‘set’ of changes allowed per month. If the time taken for these changes exceeds 2 hours then additional charges will be quoted and require payment before work is undertaken.

Thrive Media shall not be liable to the customer for any direct or indirect or consequential losses, damages or inconveniences suffered or incurred by the customer due to any of the circumstances.

Thrive Website management will be charged by the hour or hours can be included in specific management packages. The time for these edits are fully the responsibility of Thrive Media. The decision for time elapsed is also fully at Thrive Medias discretion.

The cost for hosting / providing emails through our servers may be changed at any time with a months notice.

Thrive reserves the right to add our branding and link to our site to the footer of your website to show creation credit.

We aim to complete sites in 7 – 10 working days but this is estimated and based upon fast replies to any enquiries to the client. There is also no guarantee a website will be completed in any particular timescale.

Malware / Hacks. Once websites are handed over the responsibility for appropriate security and maintenance are the responsibility of the client. Any hacks or Malware that may appear on the sites is not covered by the initial job. We do add security measures but adding additional premium security plugin and two factor authentication to all sites can be done to improve site security.

Thrive Ecommerce Websites

Payments: In addition to the above , we will set up Stripe payment gateway but this will involve the client providing the live API keys. There may be additional charges if we have to resolve any issues in relation to this.

Shipping: Included in our ecommerce websites is Woocommerce ‘fixed shipping standard’ set up for the UK. This will be set up at £3.99. If you require additional or bespoke shipping for areas or products then contact us with your requirements and we can quote to carry this out as an additional job.

VAT: If you require setup of VAT on the website and in the checkout this is available at an additional charge.

Products: For ecommerce sites our quotes will include the addition of blank products.

For products to be set up there will be a charge of £2 per standard product and £3 per variable product.

All information for products must be clearly set our with images and text on one , clear document. If this is not done in a clear manner, then there may be additional charges.

Copyright and Ownership

All content created by Thrive Media for clients (including videos and images) is copyrighted to the account holder unless otherwise stated. However, Thrive Media reserves the right to reuse and repurpose content (unless the client holds ownership – for example, photography and video) for other client accounts and projects. Examples include graphics templates which can be repurposed with different colours, fonts, and images. If Thrive is tasked with designing new websites or opening new social media accounts for a client, the client gains ownership as soon as the login information is handed over to them.

Reseller Conditions

As a reseller with Thrive Media, we are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements which prevent us from disclosing or contacting your clients for a period of up to two years. However, Thrive Media is not liable for any information pertaining to our work on their behalf, including linking admins and editors back to Thrive Media. It is the reseller’s responsibility to mask Thrive Media from your offering and remove any branding or references from promotional materials or emails sent in our correspondence. If offering customer service to your clients, we’ll require a dedicated mailbox and can call from mobile phone numbers which are not linked to Thrive Media. However, if a client was to research and discover that Thrive Media was managing their account or websites, we would not be liable for this.

As a reseller, you must also follow our payments terms – whether you invoice clients in advance or take payments at the end of the month, you must pay via Direct Debit in advance for every client.

Your Personal Data

Thrive Media carefully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection laws. Clients agree that Thrive Media may put their named and other details obtained from our emails and telephone conversations into a directory for internal use and for the purposes of enabling Thrive Media to provide our service. All data supplied by any customer of Thrive Media is held in accordance with our current privacy policy. Sensitive information – such as social media log-in information and passwords – are encrypted and stored behind two-factor authenticated password managers – although Thrive Media cannot be held responsible for passwords or sensitive information sent in emails. We recommend using a tool like Dead Drop when sending passwords. All sensitive information is securely deleted when a client terminates their plan with Thrive Media, although contact information may be retained for future remarketing purposes.


Thrive Media aims to respond to all client enquiries within 24 hours during weekdays. Our office is not manned on Saturday or Sunday and an agent will respond as soon as possible the next working day.

During busy periods, it may take us a little longer to respond to your emails. We recommend adding an ‘urgent’ or ‘important’ tag to your subject line if you need help immediately, and we’ll make sure these emails are dealt with as a priority. Please note: Thrive Media is not liable for damages or loss of earnings should we take more than 24 hours to respond. You retain ownership and liability of your social media accounts and websites in all circumstances.

Thrive Media provides customer service via email address only. Whilst we do take calls and allow clients to add us to WhatsApp and Messenger, our primary communication channel is email and so all official correspondence should be sent to hello@thrivemediauk.co.uk or your dedicated account manager’s address. We cannot guarantee that correspondence sent elsewhere will be read or dealt with in a timely manner, so ensure anything important makes its way to our mailboxes first.

If Thrive requests access to certain information from our clients, this information if necessary for a certain function and one of our services must be provided within 48 hours of our second request. Failure to do so may result in the service not being completed and still charged.

Thrive Media is happy to offer customer service to reseller clients’ customers, but this is available on a case-by-case basis and is offered only when time permits. Unless agreed prior, reseller clients should handle client contact and liaise with their Thrive Media account manager to relay messages.

Client Responsibilities

As a client, it is your responsibility to monitor comments and messages sent to your accounts. On some plans, we may respond to client comments if necessary, although questions we cannot answer will be left for the account holder to monitor. We do not send emails alerting you to new comments / posts or messages unless important, so you should monitor your accounts on a regular basis. It’s also your responsibility to respond to our emails in a prompt manner and alert us to any changes in your business offerings or branding, and give us at least five working days’ notice to cancel your subscription with Thrive Media.

Content Disclaimers

Whilst we take great care in ensuring every piece of content, we create for your social media handles is accurate and relevant, we are not liable for damages should inaccurate information be published on your social media handles. All content is thoroughly researched from reputable sources and clients’ company websites, and it is ultimately the responsibility of clients to monitor their social handles and alert us to any inaccurate information. So far, we’ve never had an incident like this occur, but in some industries, there may be times where we have to exercise some extra caution! We recommend that you regularly update your dedicated account manager with news from your business and report back amendments as soon as possible to avoid such incidents.

If a social media account is blocked / removed by the platform owner whilst Thrive Media has access to the account Thrive Media will have no liability for recovery of the account or any or all losses in relation to the loss of any clients social media platforms.

Changes to Terms

We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions, including our Privacy Policy, with or without notice. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon public posting. Your continued use of our service following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of these modified terms. We recommend that you bookmark this page and regularly return to ensure you understand and accept our latest terms and conditions.

Thrive Media will alert clients to major changes or new clauses which may affect their social media management via email with at least 14 days’ notice. Thrive Media also promises to give clients at least 30 days’ notice before price rises. All changes to prices or contracts must be approved before we increase a Direct Debit for your added security.


Thrive Media (C/O Blue and Blue Ltd / Previously Incredible Events Ltd ) shall not be liable to the customer for any direct or indirect or consequential losses, damages or inconveniences suffered or incurred by the customer due to any circumstances of the services we provide at any time.

Thrive Media is a subsidiary of Blue and Blue Ltd