At Thrive we offer affordable and effective Social Media Advertising. (SMA)

Like good agencies we deliver great results on your adverts using our experience.

However, unlike many agencies we consider all business and budgets and charge extremely competitive rates to setup and fair and reasonable monthly costs.

With the advertising which is driving new customers to your Facebook page, Instagram and Website (in a variety of formats from lead generation, conversions, brand awareness, landing page views) we can come up with a campaign that is really effective for your business to help drive the business forward.

With Thrive Social Media Advertising we focus this on the target area you tell us and can be really specific with the targeting to maximise the return on ad spend. (ROAS)

How this works is we set up a variety of adverts, advert content and campaigns, for which there is a small one-off service fee of £299. Then you can decide on a monthly basis your advertising budget.

A solid starting budget would be £300 a month but this is completely up to you. Also, you can run adverts on a monthly basis and edit the budget every month.

Plus, with our social media advertising packages we have no contracts and you can stop adverts anytime.

You also get a monthly call to discuss your adverts and feedback on how the months adverts have performed.

The only ongoing charge for us to maintain and constantly optimise and edit the adverts moving forward is from 30% on top of your ad spend so it’s completely linear to your spend.

This is all done through your business manager page so you can see every step and everything we do.

We also offer comprehensive Google Advertising which works in a very similar way of you are looking to increase your visibility on google search and shopping results.

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