Recently Facebook owned photo and video giant Instagram was found potentially vulnerable to hackers. There have been several high profile news reports following people and businesses who have had their accounts hacked.

The issue?

The security vulnerability appeared to be focused around the password recovery element of the platform, this was allowing hackers to bypass the rate limiting characteristic to access the six digit code needed to reset the password, and take control of others precious Instagram accounts.

Instagram in many cases have just shut down these accounts that have been compromised leaving many people including those effected in this recent article on the BBC ‘Blackmailers stole our Instagram account’ with no page left. The result of hundreds of hours work lost in seconds.

If you are blackmailed?

Attacks on Instagram users, while rarer than other forms of cyber attack, are becoming increasingly common as a growing number of influencers and companies market themselves on the platform, according to Professor Alan Woodward, a cyber security expert at the University of Surrey.

He said the decision of the English Stamp Company not to engage with the hackers was “brave” but he said it was the right one.

“You shouldn’t pay the ransom,” he said. “There’s no guarantee you’ll get the account back, the money will be used to fund further crime, and you’ll just paint a big target on your back as a ‘payer’.”

Read the full article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-53769728

How to prevent?

Thrive Media recommends to all of its customers following Instagram’s own guidelines that all accounts utilise the two factor authentication as this can prevent hacker for accessing their accounts even if they manage to reset and steal the account passwords.

Emma our sales director said’ It is an absolute no brainer; it takes seconds to set this up on your account in the settings menus and once logged in has no effect on the day to day functionality of the platform. The only time you use it is when you lo into your account online (rarely in most cases) or if you are accessing via a new device.

So, to protect your Instagram Account Security get your two factor authentication set up. Do it….DO IT NOW!!! Contact us

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