Digital Marketing agencies

One of the main reasons we started Thrive Media digital agency was following a few days reaching out to other digital marketing agencies about trying to get some support for another business.

The Journey…

We started messaging via contact forms and direct emails a number of agencies found via social media and google searches. We targeted what we thought was a nice mix of agencies from what appeared to be some of the leaders in the sector, to some smaller agencies which have not been running as long but appeared to offer the services we wanted to grow the business.

How the contact and email forms looked…

We asked the digital marketing agencies a number of questions in relation to paid social media advertising support. We wanted to know if there are long term contracts, what the upfront costs were, what percentage on top of our planned spend would the agency charge, how the process worked logistically, would they implement the Facebook pixel for us and probably most importantly, the budget which we set at £300 a month for advert spend initially.

The results from these messages…

The first interesting result from this process is that well over half of the digital marketing agencies completely failed to respond. This was surprising from agencies who all portray themselves as the epitome of customer service and a friendly customer journey. It was simple, the budget had not met (or even come close honestly) to their minimum budget for them to work with businesses.  This is fair enough, but would have appreciated and certainly expected an email to confirm this.

Agency Costs…

Following on from this we were surprised by the entry level of many digital marketing agencies which although varied were often around £1000 a month, plus a 40 – 50% addition cost to run the adverts. This all followed an initial fee of around £500 and a variety of contract lengths but many on 12 month contract.

So, in reality the take home message from many of the digital marketing agencies we spoke to was, we are happy to work with you as long as you are willing to spend 5 figures a year, and of course pay agencies fees of thousands of pounds within that.

Small Business and Start ups…

As we have formed our own businesses over a number of years it was shocking really the level to get involved in this marketing area which we hear so much about. We are aware of many friends / colleagues and other businesses who are massively interested in Facebook and Instagram advertising, but want to try it out on a MUCH smaller financial scale.

Many company directors and managers don’t have the skills, time and most importantly the costs required to learn the art of utilising these powerful advertising platforms and would like to have an agency help.

The solution…

An Agency which works with all businesses. An agency who considers all budgets. An agency which can run great ads with strong ROI. An agency which doesn’t have long term contracts. An agency with smaller upfront costs. An agency with smaller percentage additions to advertising budgets.

We couldn’t find one, so we made one.

Contact Thrive Media now and let us scale your business. Thrive #dontjustexist.

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